Rules & Regulations

Dress Codes

Men must wear a presentable shirt with sleeves. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, swim suits or other dress deemed inappropriate for the course will not be allowed. No metal spikes are allowed.
Ladies must wear a presentable shirt. Halter tops, tube tops, swim suits or other dress deemed inappropriate for the course will not be allowed. No metal spikes are allowed.

Reservation Policy

Please be advised of the following reservation policies for Schaumburg Golf Club:

  1. Tee time reservations can be made 7 days in advance.
  2. Credit card information is required to reserve a tee time online. Tee times that are not canceled within 24 hours or a no show will be charged to the credit card on file.
  3. The golf course is closed Mondays until 8 a.m.
  4. All tee times will quote the standard rate fee standard rate fee. Schaumburg Golf Club offers Schaumburg Park District residents the Club Rate as the resident fee. Schaumburg Park District residents have an additional option to purchase an SPD Golf ID card to receive a greater discount, listed in the rate fee under SPD Golf ID.
  5. A Schaumburg Golf Club Golf ID may be purchased new for $20. You may renew your SPD Golf ID or add an SPD Golf ID to your current Schaumburg Park District resident fitness pass for $10.
  6. Errant Golf Ball Policy: 

Errant golf balls are an inherent risk of the game of golf, and the Schaumburg Golf Club and Schaumburg Park District cannot completely eliminate the risk of errant golf balls, including the risk of personal injury or damages to personal property. As such, Schaumburg Park District and Schaumburg Golf Club assume no responsibility for any such injuries or damages.

The Schaumburg Golf Club and the Schaumburg Park District are committed to making the golf course and practice range as safe as reasonably possible despite the inherent risks associated with the game of golf.  Any person using the golf course/practice range is expected to exercise the highest degree of sportsmanship, etiquette, caution, and consideration for others and their property. All golfers are responsible for their actions while on Schaumburg Park District property.

If you experience personal injury or damage to personal property due to an errant golf ball leaving the golf course property, you may accompany a golf course employee onto the course/ practice range and attempt to locate the person who may have hit the errant ball. If you do not take this option, it may be difficult for you to later locate and identify the offender. Please note that employees are not responsible for accusing or identifying anyone who may have hit the errant golf ball. It is solely your responsibility to exchange contact and insurance information with others involved. The golf course staff will assist you, but they are not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information. A complete report will be created for the incident.

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