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The Schaumburg Golf Club was purchased by the Schaumburg Park District in 1989. The golf course was originally designed by the firm of Langford and Moreau in the 1920s and modified in the early 1990s.  With the Club celebrating a quarter century in operation, the current golf course infrastructure is in need of major repairs.  Confirmed through soil testing analysis from three independent labs, the infrastructure of the greens and bunkers, i.e. the soil composition, drainage, and irrigation, no longer adapts to varying weather conditions.  

Because of this, the District has developed a multi-year enhancement plan, which includes new and repositioned bunkers, modifications to the greens, a longer Driving Range with twice the amount of grass tee space, reconfiguration of two holes on the Players Course to alleviate flooding issues, alteration of the size and position of the practice putting greens and improvements to ease additional drainage issues. In addition, features of the original Langford and Moreau design will be reincorporated into the golf course.

The Enhancement Plan will begin in June 2017 and includes three phases.  Each 9-hole course will be closed separately, allowing for 18-holes to always be available for play. Construction is slated to begin with the Players Course and the driving range in June 2017.  After the Players Course is complete, construction then will start on a different 9-hole course.  The projected completion date for the entire project is mid-2020.

Q. How will this effect play at Schaumburg Golf Club?

  • Starting in June 2017, the Players course and the Driving Range will be closed.  The 18-hole rotation will be Tournament to Baer.
  • Anticipated opening of the Driving Range will be late spring 2018.
  • After opening the Players Course, the Baer Course will close in summer 2018. The 18-hole rotation will be Tournament to Players.
  • After opening the Baer Course, the Tournament Course will close in summer 2019. The 18-hole rotation will be Players to Baer.
  • The Tournament Course will open summer 2020 at which time the 27-hole rotation will be in place.
  • The above time line may be altered based on weather conditions.

Q.Why is this project being developed?

  • After independent soil testing from three labs, the infrastructure of the greens and bunkers was determined to be failing, causing playability and maintenance problems.
  • Following heavy rains, substantial drainage issues occur resulting in the golf course being closed because of unplayable conditions.
  • All bunkers have drainage issues after large storms. Several bunkers are out-of-position relative to current golf club technology
  • The current driving range lacks length and the grass tee is inadequate.

Q.How will events and programs at Schaumburg Golf Club be affected during the construction?

  • During the entire project, 18-holes will be available for play.  The course rotation will vary based on how construction is completed.
  • The driving range will be closed in the initial phase, but will be open the following seasons.
  • Events and programs will continue with slight modifications to our teaching programs.

Q.How much will it cost?

  • The budget for the project is expected to be approximately $2 million for each nine holes.
  • Each of the nine hole phases will be budgeted within the District capital budget.
  • The project will not necessitate a tax increase.

Q.What are the new features that will be available at Schaumburg Golf Club?

  • Greens will be updated to USGA specifications.
  • Practice Greens will be enlarged and repositioned.
  • Bunkers will be removed, added and repositioned. Each bunker will contain new sand.
  • The driving range will be longer and have a larger grass tee.
  • Two holes on the Players Course will be completely redesigned to increase playability.
  • Features of the Langford and Moreau design will be reincorporated into the golf course.
  • Drainage issues will be addressed allowing for faster recovery from severe storms.
  • An updated short game area, and an additional lesson tee, will be created for private instruction.

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