Club Championship

September 14–15, 2019

2019 Club Championship Entry Form 


  • All amateur players must have their handicap activated at Schaumburg Golf Club by September 1 to enter.
  • The Sept. 1 CDGA revision will be used. (The Tournament committee reserves the right to adjust any players handicap who may play.)
  • No caddies or spectators allowed.


  • 36 Hole Stroke Play
  • Saturday and Sunday: Baer/ Players
  • Tee time begin at 7am

Entry Fee  Includes 36 holes of Golf, cart fee and range balls daily

  • Non SGC Permanent Tee Time Player: $120 
  • SGC Permanent Tee Time Player:  $80  
  • Once the pairings have been posted, no refunds will be given for any reason. (No pairing requests will be accepted.)

Entry form and rules


Men16 & olderBlack
Senior Men55 & olderStone
Ladies16 & olderCedar

Each player must select a division in which they would like to compete during registration. Each division will compete from different tees and will be divided into flights. The amount of flights and prizes will be based upon participation.

Rain Delays or Rain-Outs

If play is halted due to weather, official scores will depend upon the position of the final group in each flight.

  • If the entire 1st flight complete 18 holes, all scores for the 1st flight will be posted.
  • If the last group of the 2nd flight only complete 12 holes, only the 1st nine hole scores will be officially posted.

Pace of Play

Please be advised of the following Pace of Play program:

A group found to be the equivalent of two full shots and a putting green behind the group in front of them AND which is not on the schedule per pace of play chart established by the scorecard, shall be approached by a tournament official and informed that their group is out of position and that the group is now “On The Clock”. This will serve as the only warning for each competitor prior to being penalized for subsequent slow play. Following this official warning, all players in a group will be timed. If, on any shot, from the time it is clearly his/her turn to play, a player takes more than forty five (45) seconds to play his/ her shot; he/she will be penalized as follows:

  • First Offense: 1 stroke penalty
  • Second Offense: 2 stroke penalty
  • Third Offense: Disqualification from the tournament
  • After a group returns into position, the process will end.
For more information, call 847-885-9000.