The most basic historical information for the Links Technology Cup is a bit sketchy. Birthdate and origin are unknown, and previous purpose is also a mystery. However, there is one certainty when it comes to the Cup; it’s here to stay.

Purchased on Ebay on June 2, 2008, the silverplate trophy stood 18 inches tall and had two handles. However, it underwent quite a few renovations before it became the glimmering spectacle that was hoisted by the winners of the Links Technology Cup Golf Outing on Aug. 13, 2008.

The Cup spent roughly six weeks at Finer Line, Inc. Engraving Shoppe in Schaumburg undergoing a rigorous makeover. According to Mark Case, owner and president of Finer Line, the Cup was first buffered and re-plated in silver.

“We had to start from scratch,” said Case. “The Cup had tarnished a lot and so much of the silver had worn off in spots that you saw copper.”

The lid of the Cup was cut and a pewter golf figurine was soldered onto the top (the figurine itself was ordered from overseas). Finer Line then drilled and tapped a threaded post into the bottom of the walnut base. Now bolted down to its base, four plates were put on each side of the base to list the winner of each year’s golf outing.

Additionally, two logos were engraved on each side of the Cup. One logo is for Links Technology and the other for the Schaumburg Park District. The engraving was a complicated process as well involving several machines.

“All in all, the renovation of the Cup took about 20 hours of labor over a span of about a month and a half,” Case said. “This was a little more unusual than most projects we do. It’s not an everyday type of thing. But we do specialize in the unique and there are not a lot of companies out there like us that will do these types of projects.”

The Cup’s name comes from Links Technology Solutions Inc., a Schaumburg Park District Park Partner. Links Technology designed and helped implement the Park District’s web site, which went live in May, 2008. The site features many of the same characteristics and benefits of the old site but with some added extras. A more-organized, cleaner and slightly-restructured site now welcomes visitors. With Links Technology’s help and assistance, improvements and additions to the site are regular occurrences.